Color Wisdom: Use color to interpret the beauty of garment



Since ancient times, the art of Chinese garment is the carrier of the beauty of style, color, fabric and pattern. Among them, the visual effect produced by color is the most striking.


It is recorded in The Book of History that ancient Chinese people used to make five kinds of clothes with five colors to show the hierarchy. In the early days, Chinese people took the five colors as the main colors when dyeing clothes. They also identified these five colors as the national colors. Therefore, color has become a way of education, which has the unique charm of conveying spiritual power, building moral quality and enriching life connotation. Moreover, this wisdom of color, which has a history of more than 3,000 years, has been applied in various fields of Chinese culture, including architecture, medicine, culture, religion, painting, military, art, etc., and is still shining today, both at home and abroad.


As early as more than 3,000 years ago, Chinese ancestors, without chemical pigments, used mineral and vegetable pigments from nature. Many imaginative colors were created on the base of the five basic colors of red, cyan, yellow, white and black, and were and applied in textile, wood work, pottery making and painting, which greatly enriched the beauty of art and life. It shows the Chinese nation’s aesthetic taste of loving nature and maintaining harmony between man and nature, as well as the Chinese wisdom of “following nature’s course”.


In order to benefit future generations, Song Yingxing, a scientist in the Ming Dynasty, made a detailed analysis of the dyeing of 26 plants in his book Tiangong Kaiwu, published in 1637, which handed down the knowledge and application of color of the Chinese ancients to future generations.


Now, The Third and award ceremony of the China International Garment Design Competition 2023.  will be held in autumn in September, and the wisdom of color is the core of this competition as it displays the beauty of Chinese garment. Through this competition, on the basis of highlighting fashion, color wisdom, showing the philosophy of color culture, color scheme and color aesthetics, a profound and powerful fashion Chinese garment color system will be created.


Let the world see the infinite charm of color wisdom with Chinese traditional characteristics!



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1. A series of Chinese style fashion design works in accordance with the competition theme (4-5 sets per series), every contestant (or every team) could only submit one collection (maximum 3 people); the work shall have distinctive cultural characteristics and contemporary quality, with unique style, fine production, and complete match of accessories.


  2. 请于线上提交时装设计效果图(图稿尺寸比例 16:9)、款式图(如 有特殊设计出现在背面,则需要背面图)、主题说明、工艺要求、面料实物图片及说明。设计图稿的大小要求:27cm × 48cm实物小样:5cm×5cm

Please submit fashion design sketch (drawing size 16:9), style sketch (if there is a special design on the back of the garment, the back sketch is required), theme description, process requirements, actual fabric pictures and instructions through online method. Design sketch size requirements: 27cm × 48cm. Physical sample: 5cm×5cm.

3. 入围选手须按时提交系列中至少3套实物作品;同时提交1-2套数字虚拟作品。其中数字虚拟作品要求提供三种源文件格式:虚拟模特不限;图片格式为JPG;视频文件格式为MP4;源编辑文件格式OBJ。参赛成衣与虚拟作品制作费用由选手承担,选手将免费获得技术支持单位提供的正版软件。

Shortlisted contestants shall submit 3 sets of physical works; and 1-2 sets of digital virtual works on schedule. The digital virtual works shall be submitted in 3 source file formats: picture format JPG; video format MP4; source edit file format OBJ. The contestants shall bear the cost for ready-made and virtual works’ production, and they will receive free copyrighted software provided by the technology support company.

4. 入围决赛的参赛选手将获得技术支持单位开展的三维虚拟软件与技术免费培训,并由技术单位协助完成数字虚拟作品。

Shortlisted contestants will receive the 3D virtual software and technique training free of charge by the technology support company, the technology support company will assist the contestants to finish their virtual works.

5. 参赛作品必须是未公开发表过的个人原创作品(大学生时装周及学校演出作品除外)。参赛作品所产生的任何剽窃、模仿行为及其他法律责任与大赛组织单位无关,由参赛作品提交人(团队)负责承担。

Entries must be original and unpublished. (Exclude works participated China Graduate Fashion Week and school shows). Any plagiarism, epigonism and related legal liabilities have no relations with the competition’s organizational units, the submitter (or the submit team) shall bear full responsibility.

6. 主办方有权宣传、出版、展示全部参赛作品。

The sponsors reserve the right to publicize, publish and display all entries.

7. 获奖作品由大赛组委会收藏。对入围决赛作品,组委会将保留对参赛作品表演、刊登、展出等非商业化的权利,还将保留参赛作品照片及录像版权,并有权以任何形式将有关照片及录像带翻录使用,无须支付任何版权费用予参赛者。如需商业化,与参赛者另行签署合同。

The award-winning works will be collected by the competition organizing committee. For the finalist works, the organizing committee will reserve the right to perform, publish, display and conduct other non-commercial behaviours towards the works, as well as the copyright of the photos and videos of the finalist works, and the right to reproduce the photos and videos in any form without paying any copyright fees to the contestants. If commercialization is required, a separate contract will be signed with the contestants.  

8. 入围决赛作品将有机会进入组委会指定或协作元宇宙虚拟社区平台签约进行售卖,在市场产生经济效益后,将由社会平台给予作品设计师实际产生经济价值对应的奖励(以实际签约协议为准)。

The finalist works will have the opportunity to enter the metaverse virtual community platform designated by or cooperate with the organizing committee for sale. After the economic benefit is generated in the market, the social platform will give the designers the reward corresponding to the actual economic value (subject to the actual contract agreement).  

9. 大赛所有相关信息的解释权归大赛组委会。

The organizing committee reserves the right to interpret all relevant information.



(1)Fashion Design Draft:fashion design renderings(size:16:9),stylebook, theme description and material sample display.

 ( 二)实物作品:入选设计稿制作的系列时装。
(2)Physical Works:a series of fashion clothes selected for design.


Organizing Committee of “International Chinese Clothing Competition”, 2nd Floor, Block B,D·PARK,No.2, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China (100015).


Room 2-202, Evergrande Fortune Center, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, China 

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